Terms of Service

Note from the Team

Our goal is to provide you with a streamlined service, as well as a superb experience that solves your online marketing problem by saving you time and in turn works to grow your business.

We wrote the below Terms of Service to make sure that expectations are as clear as possible for what we do and what our service includes. We encourage you to take ~5 minutes to review it in detail.

What it covers:

  1. Definitions of certain words and ideas.
  2. Service
  3. Scope of Work
  4. Cancellations, Refunds, and Guarantees
  5. Working with Us
  6. Misc.

For any other questions, just ask!

All our best,

The AutoGrow Team


AutoGrow’s service(s) or product(s) is provided to customers according to — by not limited exclusively to — the following Terms of Service.

Customers purchasing our service(s) or product(s) implicitly or explicitly agree to the following:


  • AutoGrow (aka “we” or “company” or “Petovera Inc.”) – That’s us!
  • Customer (“you”) – Yup, you, the customer who has signed-up for our service, or bought one our products.
  • Account Manager – The person who helps manage your account, provides you information about scope of work, updates on status on work in progress, as well as information about pricing or what the service includes.
  • Funnel Strategist (aka “Strategist”) – The person who manages the Funnel Blueprint plan for your account and addresses any strategy questions.
  • Funnel Blueprint (aka “Blueprint”) – This is the step-by-step plan we create for you detailing what work we will do, have done, or is in progress. We sometimes offer this as something that can be purchased by itself for a one-time fee.
  • Action Orders (aka “Funnel Upgrades”) – These are the work items or self-contained “tasks” we do for you.
  • Sales Funnel (aka “marketing funnel” or “funnel”) – A sales funnel is a series of steps a customer might move through from the time they become aware your product(s) / service(s) to the time they buy or become a repeat buyer. It is composed of mix of marketing assets that AutoGrow help you to create or setup, such as but not limited to landing pages, lead magnets, exit pop-ups, email marketing automations, ads, retargeting ads, etc.
  • Monthly Package (aka “monthly plan”) – This is the month-to-month pricing package. Billing and charges occur at the beginning of each month, or at the end of the trial period, if customer was provided a trial period at sign-up.
  • Done-For-You Service (aka “service”) – This is AutoGrow’s marketing service, limited primarily to the action items we list out in creating your Funnel Blueprint. We do most of the work, some items require collaboration or work on your part.


AutoGrow provides a “done-for-you” service to create and optimize your online sales funnel.

Our service is provided month-to-month.

There is a suggested 3 month minimum because it usually takes time to setup / optimize your funnel and start getting results from our work. Marketing success that is sustainable is rarely if ever an overnight process.

Customer understands what we can get more done on his / her account in less time, depending on the monthly package he or she signs-up for, or upgrades to. See our pricing page for details.

Minimum requirements for our Service to be effective for you:

  • You must have some existing web presence or a website
  • You must have some existing sales for your product(s) or service(s)
  • You must have an email marketing account setup from one of approved vendors (ActiveCampaign is recommended and preferred — we can also work with paid Mailchimp account or Infusionsoft)
  • You must have a landing page tool setup (Leadpages is recommended and preferred — if necessary we can install and use Thrive Leads as a back-up if your site is on WordPress)

Customer understands that the Funnel Blueprint is an estimate and plan of what we will get done each month. We usually get it all done, but we do not guarantee it. Especially if we are waiting on access information, approval, feedback or other from you. For this reason, for best results and to give you the best experience that you respond within 1 business day or sooner to requests from our team.

All work is documented on your Funnel Blueprint (aka “Blueprint”). Customer understands that the Funnel Blueprint serves as a plan of what we will do on your account, what is in progress, and what has been done.

Customer understands that in order to efficiently service all our customer accounts, as well as provide documented, timely, and thoughtful responses to any questions or account updates almost all communication happens via email via grow \at\ autogrow.co.

Scope of Work

  • Customer understands that there are a maximum number (“up to X”) of Action Orders / Funnel Upgrades allotted to per month to each account depending on what package you are on, and also if you purchased extra separately.
  • If Customer would like us to get more work done for them, you understand that this means you either need to purchase a “Fast-Forward” (one time purchase of additional amount of Action Orders, e.g. +X action orders can be added to your Blueprint plan for $Y — contact the Account Manager or see website for pricing).
  • During your first 3 months of service typically, it is best not to think of us as a maintenance or on-demand service. This is because during this time, on most accounts, we are executing the Blueprint plan agreed upon at the start of your account.
  • For major changes to your Funnel Blueprint plan that are urgent these must be requested at least 1 week in advance. For instance, if you want a new marketing funnel setup for a new event or campaign you are planning, we need ample time to plan it out on your Funnel Blueprint, allocate resources, and then execute. The sooner you can let us know, the better as a general rule.
  • Customer understands that scope of work that we plan on doing is limited to what is on the Funnel Blueprint unless changed or updated.
  • After or up to 2 weeks before your initial Funnel Blueprint plan is complete, you can request an update to your Blueprint plan (i.e. to write out the plan for the next 3 months), as well as the option of a Strategy call with the Strategist and Account Manager.

We do most of the work for you, notify you of progress as we go, and will sometimes ask for approval to launch certain changes. Some work and decisions are done together and are noted on your Funnel Blueprint.

We do consult and strategize with you on an initial call where we review, in detail, your Funnel Blueprint. We can answer any strategy, scope of work, status update request or questions you have via email via email address: grow \at\ petovera com. So the vast majority of communication about your account happens via email.

We do not consult on the phone with you outside of the initial strategy call, or a quarterly follow-up call where we might update your Blueprint plan. This is because we want to efficiently service all customers and the focus of our service is on getting the work done for you.

We do not consult on your business model, what your product should be or not be.

We do not consult or strategize about something not directly related to Action Orders / Funnel Upgrades from your Funnel Blueprint currently in progress.

Cancellations, Refunds, Past Due Invoices, and Guarantee(s)

We do not provide refunds after it has been 2 business days since the most recent month’s charge, only service credit. i.e. “we can finish out this month’s work for you or credit you when you re-activate your account.”

If an invoice for our service is past due by 10 days, AutoGrow will automatically inform the client prior to that date. After that date, AutoGrow will cancel the account. Client understand that there is no guarantee that we will be able to restart the account or subscription due to limited availability of our time and services.

Customer understands he / she must fill out the cancellation form to confirm their account cancellation. Once they do so, we will close their account. They will not be able to receive the current price if we raise our prices later, or if we already have raised prices. In addition, we cannot guarantee immediate availability if they decide to sign-up again later due to limit spots each month.

We do not provide any specific guarantee of performance or return-on-investment, and though we have many success stories for other businesses we worked with, this should not be taken as a guarantee of financial (or other) results.

A “money-back” guarantee on any of our offers is limited to the specific amount of time or other limits stated alongside and/or on the same page as the offer.For example, it might say “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” when you buy a Funnel Blueprint. In this example, Customer understands that refunds are not given outside of the 30 day period.

Working with Us

Customer understands that he / she needs to be available and responsive via email for occasional feedback, requests for website or app access, and occasional approval on larger changes. Long response times will delay the planned work on your Funnel Blueprint.

If you request a change to your Funnel Blueprint plan or a new Action Order (aka Funnel Upgrade) request, this will need to be documented and updated on your Funnel Blueprint. You understand and may be reminded that this will delay implementation of the planned proceeding Action Orders on your Blueprint.

We’ve found that the success of our customer’s account depends as much on AutoGrow as on the customer’s ability to communicate and use our service constructively. For this reason we reserve the right to terminate your account for any reason at any time, or to refuse service, especially if we feel that you are being unreasonable, combative, or mistreating our team in the way you communicate with us. We want to help everyone and we work hard to get it right 100% of the time, but we will not work with anyone who we feel has unreasonable expectations. Other reasons may include, but are not limited to: request for unethical marketing sales tactics, selling a product or service we do not want to promote (e.g. porn, gambling), or that we feel does not provide value to customers.


  • Testimonials, Examples, Portfolio: Customer agrees to allow AutoGrow to use any positive remarks about the service sent via email, chat or other on the AutoGrow site. Customer also agrees to allow AutoGrow to feature any work done (e.g. designs, lead magnets, and other service deliverables) on AutoGrow’s website unless otherwise stated. Generally, AutoGrow will request permission to confirm this beforehand.
  • Intellectual Property: Customer retains ownership of materials developed by AutoGrow for use and deployment on their website. Customer warrants that it owns or has obtained rights at own cost of any intellectual property provided to AutoGrow. Customer indemnifies and holds harmless AutoGrow for using any Customer-provided materials in implementation of this Agreement. AutoGrow retains the ability to use any templates, frameworks, or design elements developed in future projects, unless otherwise specified.
  • Confidentiality and Protection of Customer’s Information: AutoGrow will take reasonable measure to keep private and secure Customer propriety information, trade secrets, statistics, analytics, and business practices.
  • Governing Law: This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of New York;
  • Arbitration: The parties (Customer & AutoGrow) agree to settle any dispute arising from this agreement solely by arbitration conducted pursuant to the arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association.
  • Entire Agreement: This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties (Customer and AutoGrow) and may not be amended without the specific written consent of both parties. Any notice given under this Agreement shall be sufficient if it is in writing and if sent by certified or registered mail.