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The 6-Figure Sales Funnel Training

Do you need to set up a sales funnel?

The 6FSF training program is the most comprehensive course you’ll find on creating sales funnels. It has 10 modules, over 300 pages, plus worksheets and 20 hours of video that explain every step of the way. You get all the tools and tips to building a 6-figure sales funnel for your business in one easy-to-use course.

Limited availability, once per month. Packages start at $397

The Sales Funnel Blueprint

Tired of worrying about sales and leads?

The Sales Funnel Blueprint is your shortcut to building a lead generation funnel that will end your lead-gen worries for good.

There are two course packages from which to choose. All packages come with the course book (PDF, ePub, & web formats) which includes over 300 pages of actionable content, broken down into 10 step-by-step lessons.

Starting at $97

Triple Your Traffic (The “Rocket Content System”)

Without quality, unique content, your funnel becomes a stopper.

The two-part Rocket Content System gives you the “Fuel” and the “Ignition” to create lead-grabbing content. You’ll get professional tips, tools, and tricks for creating and publishing content your market wants to read. You’ll also have access to templates, techniques, and software tools that let you produce content quickly and easily.

Only $49

The Funnel Diagram Pack

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by the process of setting up a sales funnel for your business?

We’ve curated 27 flow chart diagrams from highly successful sales funnels. Get a bird’s eye view of what’s missing from your funnel and what you need to do. Easily organize your tasks and double check your process. There are samples from 8 categories of sales funnels including Webinars/Video, Service Businesses, SaaS, Ecommerce, Membership, Affiliate/JV, Advanced, and Special funnels.

Not just diagrams, they’re treasure maps. Only $49

Lead Factory

Tired of coming up empty-handed in your marketing efforts? You’ll never find leads if you don’t have a target.

Lead Factory will “manufacture” leads on autopilot. It teaches you how to “download your client’s “brain” to understand what they want. Lead Factory gives you the fundamentals of targeted lead generation for freelancers, agencies, and startups.

You’ll see how to connect with them using Foundation Writing and Design, and Close the deal by overcoming objections and using follow- up.

Now only $49, Reg. $99

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