How to Get Customers Addicted to Your Product (Without Dealing Drugs)

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your customers just kept on coming back, again and again, to buy your product or service?

Unless you’re in the tobacco or illicit drug trade, the scenario I’ve just described might seem far-fetched. But is it unrealistic?

Get Customers to Try Your Product

According the founder of iContact in an interview he recently did on, even though the smallest payment plan they offer is only $10 per month to start, the average customer over the course of a lifetime is worth over $2,000.

So how do they get customers hooked? It’s simple: (a) the introductory price is so cheap that just about anyone can afford it and (b) there’s a 60-day free trial incentive, and no need to enter your credit card information up front.

That’s a pretty good offer!

Get Them Hooked

Once you give away a free or nearly free sample of your product like iContact does in this case, the assumption is that as long as the customer users the service they will end up seeing value in it.

Once they see value in it, why wouldn’t they continue on to pay for it and eventually end up upgrading their account as their email list grow larger? That’s exactly what happens.

After the customer tries the product, he or she gets hooked because they reap more value from it that it costs. It’s a no-brainer value proposition.

Make them Feel Good

Tell your customers how much you love them from time to time (seriously). Write them notes around the holidays or on their birthdays. People love personalized stuff like that especially since it’s so rare to get hand written / typed stuff like that from a company.

You can also make them feel good by doing lots of using testing (to make sure the interface is clear and intuitive) and designing into the product a gaming sort of element, making it more fun or entertaining.

The Best Way to Ensure that Your Product is Addictive

Make sure to keep your product simple and focused, but above all solve a problem that is ongoing for the customer. Whether this means helping them make it easy for their customers to contact them and look professional (like with or for website owners to easily collect and store form data (like in the case of

Solve a problem and customers will keep coming back and reward with you with more revenue and referrals.

What are some other ways to create an product that customers love and will continually pay for?

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