10 Best Lead Magnet Examples To Help You Convert Leads Like Crazy

lead magnet examples

As long as I can remember I always wanted to do something important with my life.

I grew up with video games and cartoons where the main character in both had some sort of super power.

This made him (or her) able to level-up, easily defeat enemies or solve some sort of problem or puzzle. And even though in real-life super powers don’t exist, the truth is they kind of do…

Being able to generate real leads for your business, on-demand, is kind of like having marketing super power. I consider it a super power because few people know how to do it well. This is also because how fast your business grows is in direct relationship to how many leads you can generate on a daily or weekly basis.

But lead generation can be frustrating. Many people are unsure of where to start (I know I was).

Here’s how I used to think:

  • Step 1: get traffic
  • Step 2: [… magic?]
  • Step 3: make sales

The trouble with that was, no one was ready to buy from us the first time they came to our website, much less contact us for a $5,000+ project.

Enter, the Lead Magnet:

Definition: A lead magnet is a landing page or an offer (usually free) dedicated to giving your website visitor some relevant values in exchange for their contact information (at the very least, a email address).

When you master lead magnets, you pretty much have super powers to grow your business as fast as you want. This is because there almost always has to be a middle step that involves building trust and following up with prospects until they are ready to buy.

Furthermore, 98% of your traffic isn’t ready to buy right now, and 70% of all website visitors on average will never return to your website.

This is the “middle-gap” that lead magnets help to fill by offering people incentives to provide their contact information and join on your email list.

In this article, I’m going to give you the 10 best examples of lead magnets I’ve found from scouring the interwebs, as well as a detailed analysis of each and why it works.

Important Note: This article is meant to serve as a resource to you as you go about creating your own lead magnets and free offer landing pages, so I encourage you to bookmark it, and you can download a PDF copy of our lead magnet checklist here.

Let’s dig into it…

Lead Magnet Example #1 – Free Software or Tool Download / Free Trial / Free Sample



What is it:

Planscope.io is a SaaS tool to help web developers and designers create collaborative estimates with clients and keep them up to date as projects move towards completion.

How the lead magnet works:

Anyone who wants to see the product in action can enter their email address. They are immediately taken through an interactive demo of how the tool works to help them grow their business and get work done. Each lead is also added into an autoresponder that follows-up with them if they don’t go through with the purchase.

Why it Works:

People love tools that helps them to save time or be more productive. And since Planscope.io promises to help freelancers and teams do bothwhen it comes to managing their projects, an email address is seen as a small cost for potentially huge benefit.

The simplicity of sign-up is also, undoubtedly, a big factor in why it works. The sign-up form is 1 field.

In a previous test here at AutoGrow, I was able to double our email opt-in conversion rate simply by reducing the number of form fields.



What is it:

GrooveHQ is a help desk software tool. It helps SaaS and ecommerce companies keep track of and respond to customer support requests.

How the lead magnet works:

Groove offers a 60-Day Free Trial on their homepage. The homepage offers plenty of support information about the product. Interested prospects can sign-up with a few clicks.

Why It Works:

People love anything free, as we saw in the above example with Planscope. Groove offers it’s benefits for free with a time limit, it’s possible they are converting at a lower rate than if the offer was open-ended. Still, a benefit to this limit would be to weed-out less serious prospects who aren’t serious are taking the software for a test-drive.

The other major reason this offer likely converts so well? It’s surrounded by lots of social proof, like the logos of other companies that use Groove, a video testimonial, case studies, and more.

Lead Magnet Example #2 – Checklist

Petovea.com – 11 point perfect sales funnel checklist

popup design 11 point sales funnel checklist

What is it:

AutoGrow (this website) is a company specializing in landing page and sales funnel design. As a result, I choose to create a related offer with a PDF checklist that people could follow when building out or looking to improve their website sales funnel.

How the lead magnet works:

The offer is shown across our website both as a content upgrade on a few blog posts, and in the form an exit-detection pop-up.

Why it works:

I previously wrote a detailed guide about how I set this up (and in turn it increased our conversion rate by 59%) using the “Pop-n-Spread Technique.” The main reasons this works so well are:

  • Checklists eliminate guesswork and are very clear on what you need to include to accomplish something
  • It’s free
  • We had previously tested a number of other offers and our readers liked this one the best
  • The design for the pop-up was based on a proven template

Lead Magnet Example #3 – Coupon, Exclusive Deal, Free Shipping

Southwest Airlines



What it is:

If you visit Southwest Airlines’ website to book a flight, chances are you’ll come across a one or more offers to join their email newsletter with the promise of coupons and special deals.

How the lead magnet works:

In this lead magnet example, you would come in to the Southwest Airlines website and see an ad (top image, center) promoting what it calls “click and save” deals.

Why It Works:

  • Important note: the landing page uses a personalized marketing technique to reflect the current season, with Autumn trees pictured in the background. I have little doubt that this is a positive factor in their conversion rate for this offer.
  • People love free stuff, and just as much enjoy saving money where ever possible. An email address is a small price to pay to save potentially $100 or more, especially if you’re a regular traveler.

Lead Magnet Example #4 – Quiz / Assessment or Test

Hubspot – Grader


Infusionsoft – Marketing IQ Assessment



What is it:

Infusionsoft is a company that provides marketing automation software for small and medium sized businesses. It works by integrating email automation with a CRM and eCommerce capabilities.

How the lead magnet works:

Visitors arrive on the landing page above and get a brief overview of the benefits to taking the 5 minute assessment. At the end of the assessment, they are asked to input their email in order to see their results.

Why it works:

  • People are vain. We always want to know more about ourselves as well as compare ourselves to others. An assessment is one way we can measure ourselves in this respect.
  • Asking the visitor for their email address after he or she has already gone through the assessment is key. People are loss averse, and having already invested a few minutes into taking the assessment, the vast majority will be willing to enter their email address to discover some information about themselves.

Lead Magnet Example #5 – Killer Swipe File or Cheatsheet

Digital Marketer


What is it:

I’ve come across this lead magnet several times from DigitalMarketer.com, which is a digital marketing membership website offering info-products and a private login area for paying members with additional resources.

Part of the reason the company promotes this lead magnet (often) over others is because it has performed so well for them, generating over 28,000 leads for the business in its first month and a half.

How the lead magnet works:

Visitors are sent to a simple landing page (most of the content is above the fold) advertising the swipe file resource as seen above.

After clicking the call-to-action button, the visitor is immediately shown a pop-up opt-in box asking them for their email address. After the visitor opts-in, they are immediately redirected to a download page where he can click to download the file.

Why it works:

  • Targeted ad traffic: Though the company touts how well this lead magnet has converted for him, you should be aware that the company used paid ads (in part or in whole) in order to drive those leads. So if you’re thinking you’ll copy this example and BOOM, get the sames results right away, you might want to temper your expectations a bit.
  • People love examples of how to do stuff, especially if it removes some of the guesswork from their jobs. Having 72 proven headlines to draw from when creating social media posts? That’s a no-brainer. Even I want to sign-up for that.
  • Two-step opt-in: this is where you have a call-to-action button in-place or where you might normally put a form field. The form in this case is only shown after the user clicks. This results in a higher conversion rate and it positions the page more as “giving” rather than “taking” value.
  • Simple, focused on helping people solve one problem: “What do I write for my social media posts?”



What is it:

StealthSeminar.com is a automated webinar software for people who prefer to let their webinars run on autopilot rather than hosting a live event. It’s a little shady, in my opinion, but it works for some businesses and marketers by kind of “tricking” people into thinking the webinar they are watching it live.

This lead magnet idea pictured above though is pretty straightforward by comparison. It offers people planning a webinar a free “cheatsheet” guide on when the best time is to host your webinar.

How the lead magnet idea works:

This lead magnet works the same as the example above from Digital Marketer, using the two-step email opt-in technique.

Why it works:

  • Simplicity: very clear offer, little text. Either you’ll take it or you won’t.
  • Multiple studies show that giving multiple options to covert increases overall coversions. This is why you see a link directly the yellow “Instant Access” button, which does the same thing as the button above it.
  • It solves problem that the market is looking for an answer to. I found this before I hosted my first webinar, and I can tell you first-hand it was helpful and it did answer a question I was wondering.

Lead Magnet Example #6 – Webinar or Recorded Video Training

Entrepreneur on Fire – Podcaster’s Paradise Webinar


What is it

John Lee Dumas is famous in the entrepreneur and “quit your job and do a startup around your passion” community for the swift progress he’s and his EntrepreneurOnFire have made over the last 2 years.

The landing page above is for his weekly webinar, Podcaster’s Paradise where he teaches viewers about the benefits of starting their own podcast. The webinars are usually well attended, regularly bringing in over 100 attendees at any given time throughout the course of the webinar.

The upsell on the webinar is the private community and info product that teaches students how to create their podcast and earn a living from it.

How this lead magnet idea works

This landing page design and lead magnet work to drive leads using a two step opt-in process (visitor reads page, and then clicks on the call to action button to view a pop-up with a form field to input their email).

Why it works

  • High visibility: Multiple places on the EOFire are linked to this landing page, including an ad in the side bar of their blog which, on-click, immediately show the pop-up form instead of taking the visitor to the landing page first. Visibility is one of a four or five key “levers” you can pull-on to increase your lead generation / email sign-up rate.
  • Free. Noticing a pattern here?
  • Specific value. Yup, just like the other lead magnet ideas listed here, it’s all about matching value to the needs of the market. It’s harder to deliver more value than by in the form of a 1 hour, live, interactive show.
  • Simplicity. One form field, just enter your email and you’re in.

Lead Magnet Example #7 – Case Study

James T. Noble


What is it

James T. Noble is a marketing consultancy / agency specializing in helping other agencies (like web designers and developers) to grow.

The above is a lead magnet that gives email subscribers a free “case study” (I’ll explain the quote marks in a minute) in exchange for their contact info.

How this lead magnet idea works

Landing page visitors are asked to input their first name and email address to get access to a case study that shows how SalesForce.com implemented a new content strategy which netted them over 10,000 new leads per month.

The reason I put “case study” in quotes above is because it looks like the PDF lead magnet is telling the story of what SalesForce did to get results, but not because they were an actual client of JTN.

Some might see this as deceptive (and it is to the extent that they aren’t more upfront about that fact), and while I agree, I think it’s also quite clever. More on this below…

Why it works

  • Even if you don’t have big client named that you’re currently working with right now, you can still leverage their brand to build your brand by telling the story of how they got results. Of course, it’s probably a good idea thought to be more upfront about the fact that they aren’t a client and you’re just reporting the news, unlike in this example.
  • People like to read about what has worked to get results for others and how they accomplished it, step-by-step.
  • People like “stories”

Lead Magnet Example #8 – Toolkit



What is it

I love this example because it’s one of those lead magnet examples that has worked to get massive results with seemingly little effort. Clay Collins, the co-founder over at LeadPages.net shared this one a while back but it will remain relevant for a long time to come.

It is is a super simple landing page offering visitors a free PDF report with a super simple list of tools. And that’s it!

How this lead magnet idea works

  1. Visitors arrive on the page
  2. Visitors read the sales copy with the offer
  3. Visitors decide to enter their email to get the report delivered to their inbox, or not.

Why it works

There’s a full 10 minute explainer video below where Clay Collins explains the reasons why this works so well, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Simplicity of design with an extremely focused offer
  • Showing a human face looking at the sales copy results (research has shown, see video for the specific study) in visitors being more likely to read the text offer presented to them.


Lead Magnet Example #9 –  Sales Material / Free Consultation

Ikea Catalog


What is it

Yes, believe it or not, you can generate extremely qualified leads by offering sales material that is 100% related to buying your stuff.

Ikea will send potential customers who opt-in to receive it a digital catalog with a list of all their product offerings.

How this lead magnet idea works

People arrive on the landing page and can either login or sign-up to receive access. They have the option of receiving a physical or a digital copy of the catalog.

Why it works

  • The form to receive the catalog is more lengthy than the other examples we’ve looked at thus far. As a result, anyone filling this out is likely a more qualified prospect than if there were less form fields. More effort expended = higher level of interest, more motivated to buy
  • Offer form is on the right side of the page. This is a practical design choice since the human eye typically moves from the left to the right side of the screen.
  • Clear picture of what they will get (shows a picture of an iPad with a the digital catalog on it).

ExcelHelp (paired consultation form with a PDF download)


What is it

This lead magnet is from one of ExcelHelp.com‘s landing pages where prospects can fill out a form to get a free consultation (AutoGrow designed this one).

Similar to the Ikea catalog example above, the offer is for “sales material” in the form of a PDF download and a personal, one-on-one consultation.

How this lead magnet idea works

Prospects arrive on the page and are able to learn about the benefits of ExcelHelp’s services. If they’re interested in learning more about how they can hire ExcelHelp or they want pricing information, they they would fill out the above form.

Why it works

  • Value-stacking: offering a PDF adds extra incentive for visitors to the page enter their contact information. There’s also an “ownership” angle to this equation whenever you offer something you can download. People like to “own” digital assets via download which they can refer back to later.
  • Form length: generally speaking, someone willing to fill out a longer form is going to be a much more qualified prospect because they have to spend extra effort in order to get what they want. Their is a direct relationship between these two factors, I’ve seen it time and again in our own tests here on autogrow.co, in the previous businesses I’ve worked on, and within our client’s businesses.

Lead Magnet Example #10 – Free eBook or Report


What is it

Mulesoft helps companies connect various SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools and enterprise-level apps together to create various automation benefits and shared data benefits.

The above example shows a landing page where SaaS executives can learn more about how to position their app from a tech perspective to the enterprise market.

How this lead magnet idea works

This one is self-explanatory. Visitors fill out the form to opt-in and receive the free PDF report via email.

Why it works

  • Reports usually offer some kind of news and/or best practices.
  • This page is extremely specific as far as who the sales copy is targeting (“SaaS executives”).
  • The offer is specific.

It’s unclear why someone would want to give up their phone number for this report. This undoubtedly hurts conversions significantly. Even if you’re planning on selling someone who fills out the form, Mulesoft should give some background on who they are and what value they provide customers. This way customers who fill out the form can have some expectation as to what the sales call they will probably recieve will be about.


Free Lead Magnet Checklist Download: If you’re planning on developing your own lead magnets, make sure to grab a copy of our “11 Point Perfect Lead Magnet (PDF) checklist.” This will help you eliminate the guesswork from the process by giving you a list of proven best practices and key design element.

  • Lead magnets can be defined as any type of marketing offer made in exchange for contact information that allows a business to follow-up with someone who is either ready to make a purchase decision or who is likely to make one in the future.
  • Your offer must be relevant and provide value to the prospective lead in order for a conversion to occur.
  • Your offer should be specific, and doesn’t have to be overly complicated in order to produce a great result.

What lead magnet ideas will you create using the ideas above? If you’ve already begin testing, which one have you found are most effective? Let me know in the comments below.

If you received value from the article guide, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere so that others may benefit.

And as always, thanks for reading.


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